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Charlie Don’t Surf

February 26, 2015

This eccentric spot on the strip of White Rock beach was a massive disappointment.
Charlie Don't Surf

Charlie Don't Surf

The atmosphere was enjoyable; the eclectic clutter gave the place an approachable young vibe. The music was pretty loud for such a small place, and Marc and me had to shout across the table to be heard. The glass garage doors were open, allowing the restaurant to watch the beautiful ocean sunset.

Charlie Don't Surf
The service was meh. We had a 30-something server who was either run off his feet or couldn’t care less. We found ourselves waiting more than anything else; waiting for a greeting, waiting for our drinks, waiting for food, and waiting for our bill (until I got fed up and just flagged him down). His nonchalant attitude in combination with the lacklustre wait times made the experience pretty brutal.

Charlie Don't Surf

Charlie Don't Surf
Food + Drink:

Marc and me had the Charlie Burger ($12.95), which is praised as “White Rock’s favourite burger”, either this is true and White Rock is on crack or it’s some sick joke. Marc had a pint of Stanley Park beer ($6.95). They had some good BC craft beers on tap – Angry Scotch Ale, Red Racer, Driftwood, Granville Island, Fat Tug, etc. I had an overly-dry red sangria (I’ll be honest it was basically some red wine poured into some ice and whole strawberries) – but I had ordered it after seeing it on our neighbours table, I’m not sure if it was actually on the menu so I shouldn’t be too harsh.

Charlie Don't Surf

Final Say:
They’ve got a great brand, great location, great atmosphere, and great website; I’d suggest this place for drinks in the summer on the patio. That being said, best to keep your expectations low.

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Charlie Don't Surf White Rock


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