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East Van Bicycle Brewery Tour

January 31, 2015


Where to start:
Strangefellows Brewery
What to have:
Golden Strong (8.5%) or a Box O’ Strange ($7) (tasting flight)


2nd Stop:
Powell Street Brewery
What to have:
Old Jalopy Pale Ale (5.5% – 40 IBU) or Dive Bomb Porter (if you like the darks) (5% – 33 IBU)
In-House Suggestion:
White IPA -Via Greg Bentham @ Powell Street Brewery

3rd Stop:
Parallel 49 Brewing
What to have:
Whatever they’re infusing. They have a large infuser on the right side of the bar, where I’ve seen them infuse beer with anything from Lemon Vanilla Earl grey tea, to gummy bears! If they’re not infusing: Toques of Hazzard White Imperial IPA (9.2% – 76 IBU).


4th Stop:
Bomber Brewing
What To Have:
Old Fat Heater Winter Ale (8.0% – 39 IBU)


Where to end:
St Augustine’s Bar
Why End Here:

    - They’re right by the sky train, so you don’t have to pedal all the way home
    - They have food, which trust me, is all you want at this point
    - They have tons and tons of beer on tap, so after tasting all day, this is the perfect opportunity to try some more beer types you discovered   or find an old favourite and decompress.

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