Brewery, Main Street

Main Street Brewing Company

February 5, 2015

We couldn’t go on a self-guided Main Street brewery tour without hitting Main Street Brewery! That’s just crazy talk!


Tasting Room: Yes
Growler Filler: Yes (Empty: Boston 1l: $3.75 | Pistol 1l: $4.00 | 1.89l: $5.00)
Food: Yes
Ample Beards: Yes


I love this building; the exposed brick, unfinished open warehouse ceiling and the twinkly string lights added such a romantic feel. I like how the brewing equipment isn’t separated, it makes you feel like you’re right in the thick of things.
The staff was fairly friendly when we ordered,


To Drink:
Marc tried the Westminster Brown ale (30 IBU – 6%) which had a malty flavour and a hoppy finish. I had the Stag & Pheasant Imperial Stout (65 IBU 9%), which was strong, but had coffee and chocolate tones.

Fun Fact:
The brewery is in one of Vancouver’s industrial heritage buildings, the “Vancouver Breweries Garage” (1913), in the historic Brewery Creek district.


To Try Next Time:
Latin Style Pulled Pork Sandwich ($9) with potato chips and chimichurri sauce and the Redback Ale (7%) to drink. Unless the Brew Dogs Chocolate Pine Apres Ski Base Beer (37 IBU – 6%) is pouring, then I want that! Hot chocolate beer? Yes please! Or Up Your Sporran Scotch Ale (22 IBU – 7.3%) buuuuut mostly because of the name.


261 East 7th Ave Vancouver

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