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Steel & Oak Brewery

February 23, 2015

Lunch with Luch

Tasting Room: Yes
Growler Filler: Yup
Food: Via food truck (check their site for when and what kinds) / pepperoni sticks

Lunch with Luch


As retro vinyls spun, beers were poured. The brewery was bright, light, and open. The red accentuated and was used cohesively with the wooden walls and furniture.Steel and Oak


A barman can make or break your experience, especially if you show up alone. I’m pleased to say ours made the experience. He was inviting, friendly, funny, and most importantly very knowledgeable about the beer. He gave me his personal tips, and was more than pleased to make suggestions on what beers to get for my tasting flight.

Steel and Oak

I had a tasting flight of four; Smoked Hefe (5.4% ABV / 20 IBU), Royal City Ale (5% ABV / 20 IBU), Spelt Porter(5.4% ABV / 50 IBU), and Weizen Bock (7.1% ABV / 20 IBU). I also got a growler of their collaboration with Four Winds brewery; GRÄTZER (4% ABV / 8 IBU). Which is a traditional Polish beer. It is made with oak-smoked wheat malt, German hops, and is fermented with lactobacillus. Sean also opted for a ‘Maui’ pepperoni stick, from a local company; Jerky Baron. It was 30 grams of certified organic BC beef, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, love, and care (no seriously it said there was love and care on the label, I wouldn’t lie to you guys).

The beer was great, and in combination with the inviting atmosphere, I can easily say I will be back very soon.

Steel and Oak

Kids are allowed in the tasting room and they’ve even installed a lemonade tap for them.

Steel and Oak
lunch with luch



Steel and Oak

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