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Steel Toad Brewing

February 1, 2015


Tasting Room: Sort of – the whole thing is more of a restaurant
Growler Filler: No
Food: Yes

Another stop on our recent self-guided Main street brewery tour was Steel Toad Brewery. The brewpub and dining hall popped up in Olympic Village on East 2nd relatively recently, and it sets itself apart from the other breweries in the area by being significantly larger, and serving a variety of food.

It’s more of a restaurant then a brew-pub, very reminiscent of it’s neighbour Craft Beer Market in terms of size and feel. They are both set in a huge barn-esque building, though I find Craft Beer Market has a more rustic atmosphere. Lots of food on the menu, I’d highly suggest to his this place last if you’re doing a walking brewery tour. We tried the pretzel and mustard.
They brew several beers in-house; american blonde, saison sauvignon, rye Ripa, berliner weissa, seated session ale, single hop pale ale, yorkshire best bitter, and oatmeal stout.
Marc and myself got a tasting bucket of 4 small beers (Saison 5.5%, Berliner Weisse 4%, Seated session, and sweet stout 5.5%)
My Favourites:
Heated Session Ale (3.5%) – because it was peaty and smokey just like a scotch. Several people at the table liked this least, but I’m into smokey tastes so I loved it.
Berliner Weisse (4%) – It’s sour mash gives it this light wheat ale it’s fruity sourness.
97 East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 1B3


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